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Welcome to the home page of the POW'WOW project:
A Coordination Action on the Prediction Of Waves, Wakes and Offshore Wind.

The POW'WOW project officially finished. There are a few activities which go on though: one is the Wake ViLab, another is the series of workshops on Best Practice in the Use of Short-term Forecasting - next installation will be in Quebec, on 16 October 2010.

The Wakes Virtual Laboratory is open!
Access to the Wind Turbine Wake Virtual Laboratory Wakes Site is through If you are not currently a member of the Wakes Site please sign up for an IU guest account at Then send an email to with your email and you will be added to the list of participants. Same goes for the Wakes Wiki.

Please see also this page for the short-term prediction ViLab, closed now.

We had two posters on the EWEC 2009 on the overall results and the wake ViLab.

Reports authored by the project:

See the full list of publications here.

Workshops held by the project:

Workshop on Best Practice in Short-term Forecasting, 28 May 2008 in Madrid. It is the follow-up of the successful workshop 25 Oct 2006 in Delft. A third workshop in the series was held in Bremen, 13 October 2009. A fourth workshop is planned for Quebec, 16 October 2010.

Workshop on integration of wind and wave resource assessment. If you work in the sector, feel free to read and comment on our discussion paper on the topic.

Workshop on Numerical Weather Prediction for Wind Power Forecasting, Athens, 5/6 February 2009. Get the slides here (20MB pdf).

Workshop on Wake Measurement and Modelling in and behind Large Wind Farms, June 30 to July 2, 2008 in Oldenburg.

Workshop on Short-term Forecasting of Wind Power in Brazil, June 12/13, 2008 in Natal (BR).

POW'WOW / IEA Workshop on Optimal Use of Information in Short-term Forecasting, 11/12 September 2008, Madrid.


Get the friendly fact sheet here.

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POW'WOW was a project trying to harmonise approaches to wave and wind modelling offshore, helping the short-term forecasting and wake research communities by establishing virtual laboratories, offering specialised workshops, and setting up expert groups with large outreach in the mentioned fields.

Currently, a good number of research projects is underway on the European and national level in the fields of short-term forecasting of wind power, offshore wind and wave resource prediction, and offshore wakes in large wind farms. The purpose of this Action is to co-ordinate the activities in these related fields, to spread the knowledge gained from these projects among the partners and colleagues, and to start work on some roadmaps for the future. The liaison with other groups will also include groups outside of Europe.

To facilitate the spread of knowledge, a number of workshops are planned, being smaller and more focused on their topics than the usual conferences.

One issue hampering the progress in our fields is the difficulty of getting access to good data. In most cases, data on offshore wind or power is strictly confidential, and also data on onshore wind power, especially in conjunction with numerical weather predictions, is not easy to come by. One example of a good testing procedure comes from the Anemos project, where in all 6 test cases were defined, to be run by all involved institutes. This idea is taken to the next level with the set-up of two Virtual Laboratories, one for offshore wake modelling, the other one for short-term forecasting. The ViLab for wakes is open, the ViLab for Short-term Prediction is closed.

The project was funded by the European Commission (Contract No 019898(SES6)).


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